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Alan Weiner

Founder/President of Sumner Internet Marketing Environments Corp (SIME Corp).

Inventor, customer technology evangelist, executive level engineering manager/principal designer/iOS developer who groks the evolution of computer software and technology. Alan is a technology visionary with a proven track record of pioneering the application of computer technology into a variety of industries and market paradigms over the past 30 years. Through SIME Corp Alan has been able to apply his vision and broad technical expertise to create paradigm changing products. His interests include: leveraging the implications of mobile idioms(phone, pads, auto etc), creating systems that empower users based on effortless knowledge flow and evolving the telepresence paradigm.

Alan Weiner's Roadmap that can be explored

Alan's Roadmap... A visual view
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Alan started building computers at age 15 in the mid 70s. With an applied physics degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute he went on to creating early subjective view video games for Atari at CBS Electronics, then continued to apply computers to new world for ten years at Krautkramer Branson. Alan then fathered many industrial ultrasonic testing product lines converting the testing paradigm with embedded and windows based solutions.
As the founder of SIME Corp, Alan demonstrates his diverse technology skills to transform the small family based industries using an Internet Marketing Environments system. This image based content management system is targeted at the specific niche industries. The art industry was first selected influenced by the principals in the company along with the challenge of presenting artwork; which would be the hardest visual objects to describe. When this first Internet Environments System was stabilized Alan procured the role of principal designer at New Potato Technologies where he fathered RF based consumer products to iPhone applications which merged with custom iPhone/iPad adapters.
As the technical lead for 20 years Alan has been working with lead artist Doris Weiner blending design with art. The result of this partnership has led to creating art language elements (for example: fabricating on large scales, robotics, video, sound and neon) that have been show cased for many years.

  • In 1980 built Threaded Interpretive Language platform and control system for interacting with audio streams
  • In 1983 Co-Created the first subjective view video games on the Atari 2600 platform
  • Began tenure at Krautkramer Branson with presenting the Evolution of the Ultrasonic Paradigm at the World Conference of Nondestructive Testing (WCNDT)
  • Founder of multiple internet Chapter S corporations
  • Created architecture and strategy for the Image Content Management System (ICMS), pioneering how broadcasting solutions can fit into multiple paradigms and naturally pull knowledge from the user base (pioneering early cloud and SEO support in 1997). Created the first art portal with its debut at Art-Expo NY 1997.
  • Lead and mentored teams leveraging the full stack of agile methods (CASE tools, waterfall models, SCRUM etc, for full life cycle of the products) to create software and hardware based product lines with long life cycles.
  • Multiple patents on ground breaking technologies for applying computers to the ultrasonic testing industry that was the basis multiple product lines such as the USIP-20.
  • Created architecture and implemented the embedded system components of DLO?s 2007 CES award wining iBoom JukeBox with RF remote control that actually showed the album art from the iPod.
  • Architect, principal designer and implemented multiple iPhone/iPad applications


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