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James Torrey

Director of Engineering

Jim started with a combo of PDPs and Big Blue mainframes in the early 70s, learning about computers before reaching high school. Jim has a BS in CS from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and moved directly into the computer industry working for Digital Equipment Corporation, followed by EMC Corporation. Throughout his career, Jim has been an avid photographer, moving into digital photography and videography as the technology emerged.

Jim can hang his hat on several US Patents, and serving as a key team player and leader during the development of software products and tools used and sold by DEC and EMC. Jim earned the MVP of the year award in 1999 by EMC Engineering.

Jim is charting new ground by delving into IOS application development, and realizing his passion by integrating the power of the computer, his ability to create high performance software, and to give users new and exciting features to their computers.